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Gold Account

In the CFD world, it is possible to make a profit by trading on both rising and falling price movements.

With the Gold Account option offered by West Global, enjoy 1:200 leverage, 0.01 lots, and trading in major parities, forward and spot CFDs without swap costs.

Major pairs:

* EUR/USD par-USD/JPY parity-GBP/USD parity-USD/CHF parity-AUD/USD parity-USD/CAD parity-EUR/JPY parity-EUR/GBP parity

As in our other account types, you can invest in foreign currency units, commodity groups such as gold, silver, oil, and world stock markets, thanks to the wide product range in the Gold Account.

You can increase your market literacy thanks to the personalized market trainings offered by the Gold Account, chart, price, volume data and historical price movements in line with fundamental and technical analysis. You can double your earnings with this.

Gold Hesap

Start earning by choosing the most suitable account type for you with our customer-oriented approach. For more detailed information about the Gold Account type, please contact the Customer Representative.

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