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About Us

About West Global
About Us

About West Global

West Global adopts the following basic rules within the scope of protecting the confidentiality of the information received in order to fulfill the:

Company; It provides service with 352 products including currency pairs, CFD products, stocks, cryptocurrencies. West Global offers all investors from A to Z with the CFD trainings, e-books, training videos and online seminars it provides. aims to increase the financial literacy level of candidates. One day, you will learn how to manage your own portfolio professionally with West Global.
It is forbidden to make bonus arbitrage , to open transactions from different threads , to manage accounts without informing the institution . Investor account will be closed and blacklisted by not accepting responsibility for these accounts .
Warning: Scalp time is 2 minutes.
Warning: The leverage on crypto products is 1-5. Campaign is not included.

Vision & Mission

West Global has adopted the principles of trust, excellence in service and diversity as its founding purpose, and continues on its way with the aim of furthering these principles. Confidence, which is the biggest deficiency in the CFD market as a vision aims to provide the best service to its customers by keeping its principle ahead.

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to Start Investing with West Global

7/24 Fast Money Transfer

We perform your withdrawals and deposits quickly and reliably, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with different payment methods.

Investor-Specific Account

We offer you the most suitable account type among the special account types we have created according to different investment understandings in the market.

Low Spread Low Cost

In order to minimize your transaction cost, we provide you with low spreads and you earn as soon as you open a transaction.

140+ Processing Instruments

We help you divide your risk when investing with more than 140 trading instruments on our platform.

Free Daily Analysis

We share our daily bulletin free of charge with all our investors who want to follow the market with an expert's eye.

Investment Specialist Support

We are with you with our experienced team in financial markets and we never leave you alone while taking your place in the market.

Free CFD Tutorial

We teach you and share with you everything we know so you can catch every movement in the market instantly.

Strong Technological Infrastructure

Thanks to our strong technological infrastructure, we enable you to perform your transactions at maximum speed.

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